Serving the refining industry since the 1970’s

CSI Engineering began serving the refining industry in the early 1970’s as the USA was implementing the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1970.  At that time, a large percentage of US power stations, refineries, paper mills and other industries were installing or enlarging electrostatic precipitators to reduce stack emissions.  In particular, a number of the ESPs in FCCU service today were built according to specifications issued by CSI Engineering.  Due to farsighted anticipation of reliability and serviceability needs, those ESPs have generally performed better than the average installations of that period.  As environmental and safety regulations continue to evolve, CSI adapts to changing times with specifications to meet ever higher standards of performance, reliability, serviceability and economy. 

  • CSI Engineering provides technical service to improve the performance and reliability of any FCCU ESP regardless of make, design or service life.  In addition to inspections, tuning, documentation and specifications for upgrades, CSI regularly produces practical technical guides and provides in-house training for specific installations.

  • We at CSI understand how the FCCU process impinges on ESP performance.  We are always ready to share our experience with refining engineers, technicians and other personnel newly assigned to ESP responsibility.  Through one-on-one interaction, whether purely training, operational auditing or inspections, we help personnel develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between the ESP hardware, process conditions and emissions performance.