Pulp and Paper

CSI Engineering has long been involved in the pulp & paper industry, serving mills across the USA and Canada.

Our expertise extends to recovery boiler salt cake precipitators, bark/hog-fuel/biomass boiler precipitators, and lime kiln precipitators of all makes.

Through outage support, inspections, operational audits, training and general technical support, CSI can help mill personnel navigate the varying needs of their precipitation equipment.

  • The pulp & paper industry employs electrostatic precipitators in a variety of applications that would be unusual in other industries.  Paper mill personnel know to anticipate vast differences in performance characteristics between precipitators applied to the corrosive, fine particulate salt cake of the recovery furnace, the low-density, combustion-prone ash recovered from the hog fuel boiler and the very heavy inlet loading of the lime kiln precipitator. 

  • In managing the recovery precipitator, the engineer seeks to limit the wear and tear caused by necessarily heavy rapping forces while minimizing corrosion of the shell and internals. 

  • In managing the bark boiler precipitator, the imperative is to operate in a manner that minimizes the risk of intensely damaging fires that can occur if the equipment is operated with excess flue gas oxygen. 

  • The lime kiln precipitator must be adjusted to contend with exceptionally high inlet dust loading that demands appropriate rapper programming and T-R power settings.