CSI has been specifying and providing technical support for wet electrostatic precipitators in various industries since the 1970’s.

Our founder, Martin Schiller, authored the booklet Lead-Built Precipitators, Guidelines for Long-Lasting Performance issued by the Lead Industries Association, Inc. in the 1980’s.  As WESPs evolved to other materials such as stainless alloy and PVC, CSI has stayed abreast of developments.

  • CSI Engineering can provide technical service to improve the performance and reliability of any WESP regardless of make, design, age or process application.  In addition to inspections, tuning, documenting and specifying upgrades, CSI produces practical technical guides and training for specific installations.

  • We at CSI understand how process conditions impinge on WESP performance.  We are always ready to share our experience with engineers and technicians newly assigned to WESP responsibility.  Through on-on-one interaction, whether purely training, operational auditing or inspections, we help engineers develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between the WESP hardware, process conditions and emissions performance.

Technical Service for WESPs