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Electrostatic Precipitator Consulting Services

CSI’s services include:

Reflecting over 50 years of experience, our consultations are comprehensive and reliable. CSI Engineering works independently with no affiliation to any manufacture, assuring that our advice is always grounded in our clients best interest.

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specification development

Specification development

Development of specifications for new equipment and rebuilds.  Our comprehensive, individualized bidding documents assure an installation that meets the owner’s specific needs with maximum reliability, usability and maintainability at affordable cost.

technical oversight

Technical oversight

Technical oversight of new precipitator erection, rebuilds and repairs.  Acting as the owner’s “eyes and ears,” we interface smoothly with OEMs and contractors to assure project success.

equipment startup

Equipment startup

Startup of new and overhauled equipment.  Our extensive experience assures success during the critical first startup and thereafter.

operational oversight

operational oversight

Serving as the owner’s technical advisor, our extensive knowledge of electrostatic precipitators and the processes to which they are applied enables optimum performance and long service life.

operational audits

operational audits

Operational audits.  Periodic comprehensive audits identify incipient problems before they impact performance and reliability.

trouble shooting diagnostics

Trouble-shooting diagnostics

In the event of equipment breakdown or performance reduction, our extensive trouble shooting experience assures problems are efficiently solved and root causes identified.  We are known for our quick response in urgent situations.

event record-keeping

event record keeping

Comprehensive reporting also documents due diligence in meeting regulatory air pollution control objectives.  These reports comprise a body of work of thousands of pages, gigabytes of data, all securely preserved and indexed.

comprehensive training

comprehensive training

Training.  CSI is known for comprehensive site-specific and industry-specific operation, maintenance, and engineering training for all major precipitator applications. 

Inspection of Electrostatic Precipitators

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