Development of Specifications for New Equipment and Rebuilds

Reflecting over 50 years of experience, our comprehensive, individualized bidding documents assure an installation that meets the owner’s specific needs with maximum reliability, usability, and maintainability at an affordable cost.  Our specifications ensure innovative, cost-effective design and execution.
Development of Specifications
  • Since the company’s inception, during implementation of the 1970 Clean Air Act amendments – a time that ushered in the first great upgrade of the USA’s air pollution controls – CSI has provided custom specifications for industries purchasing new precipitation equipment. Applying lessons learned from each new installation, CSI’s specs enable benefits and savings that more than offset the modest expense of carefully refined bidding documents. Our specifications assure clients that they are purchasing the most reliable hardware with the exact features they need for optimum performance and reliability within budget constraints.
  • Once specifications and bid request documents are generated, sent to qualified bidders and offers are received, CSI works with the purchaser to evaluate bids and identify and fine-tune the most appropriate offer.